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Luxembourg has an area of 2,586 km². It is part of the geological region in which the Lorraine plateau of northern France meets the hills of southwest Belgium and the Mosel Valley and Rhineland of western Germany.

Southern Luxembourg, the area known as the Bon Pays, is a rolling continuation of Lorraine. Northern Luxembourg is crossed by the foothills of the Ardennes to the west. Rich deposits of iron ore were once heavily mined in the southwest, although most of these have now been exhausted. The nation’s highest point is Buurgplaatz (559 m), in the Ardennes plateau in the north.

The Sauer is Luxembourg’s most important river, rising in Belgium and flowing eastward 80 km to the confluence with the Our and later with the Mosel on Luxembourg’s eastern border. A tributary from the south, the Alzette, passes through Luxembourg City.


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